Lecture No 1

Al-haj Sufi Md. Mizanur Rahman

Chairman, PHP Group


“ Student life is the best time to become an ideal person and they should prepare themselves for their life. Daffodil International University is really doing a great work by creating opportunities for the students to achieve their goal and to become successful in their career.”
Lecture No 2

Syed Manzur Elahi

Chairman, Apex Group


“ Daffodil International University is really doing amazing programs like this one (Industry Academia Lecture Series) which will help the students to focus on their Entrepreneurial skills. In order to get success in life, first thing that we have to face is obstacles. Without facing risks in life, we would not understand the things, around us, on how the matrix works and relates to us. An entrepreneur faces challenges in life and once he becomes familiar to tackle, success starts knocking at his door.”
Lecture No 3

Professor Dr. Achyuta Samanta


KIIT University & KISS

“ Tough times help us to learn many lessons which we can implement in future to get success. Behind every successful entrepreneur, there are challenging stories, which have made them and facilitate them to become a successful entrepreneur. I am really so grateful to this University as it has initiated the pioneer role for institutionalizing the entrepreneurial education and mindset for bridging the gap between industry and academia as well as reducing the unemployment problem.”
Lecture No 3

Md. Mozibar Rahman


BRB Group

“ Before starting any startup, lot of obstacles will emerge and affect the flow of your endeavor. Traits like self-confidence and entrepreneurial skills will help you to overcome these obstacles. Thanks to Daffodil University for organizing this kind of program and inviting us here to share our stories with the young students which will encourage them to become successful Entrepreneurs.”
Lecture No 4

M Anis Ud Dowla


ACI Ltd.

“It is a wonderful initiative that Daffodil University has taken and creating this link in between business people and academia which will surely help in meeting the skills demand of the industry.”
Lecture No 5

A. K. Azad


Ha-Meem Group

“Self-motivation, passion for success, and communication skill will help you to overcome the barriers. It is a great day for me because a reputed university like Daffodil International University honored me to deliver some remarks in front of the students and I hope it will be an important program for the entrepreneurs as well.”
Lecture No 6

Geeteara Safiya Chowdhury


ADCOMM Limited

“When you will determine your chosen area or area of interest, do not look back and go with that passion and keep yourself working until get success. I think the Youths are the backbone of the country and they will take care of us in future. Inspirational programs like this one, organized by DIU, will help its students to get prepared for their successful life.”
Lecture No 7

Mrs. Rokia Afzal Rahman


MIDAS Financing Limited

“If you believe that you have entrepreneurial skills and abilities, confidence and pro-entrepreneurial attitudes, you will get the taste of success. I am really amazed by the activities of Daffodil International University as because the way they bring creative thinking and implement them in different ways. I am really proud to be here.”
Lecture No 8

Latifur Rahman

Chairman & CEO

Transcom Group

“If you want to make your business successful, you ought to behave with your employees as peer, not like a boss. This is really so amazing to see how Daffodil International University is improving day by day and now I can see Daffodil in many significant sectors.”
Lecture No 9

Niaz Rahim

Group Director

Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited

“In order to get success, you have to think out-of-the box, which will help you in becoming a unique one and innovator. Industry-academia lecture series is really a great program and I hope it will be a great learning for the students and they will get benefits out of this.”
Lecture No 10

Ms. Bibi Russel

Founder Chairman

Bibi Production

“ We all have special aptitudes to do great things in life. Just we need strong belief and positive mentality to make things successful. Inspiration is an important thing to start something new. I think this kind of program that the University has organized is really helpful for the students to start their career as an Entrepreneur.”
Lecture No 10

Mostafa Kamal


Meghna Group of Industries

“ If you see big dreams, it will help you to make big things. Successful person starts their career with small things, at the beginning and their big dreams facilitate them to reach into their goal or success. Daffodil International University is really doing amazing programs like this one which will facilitate and encourage young students to become successful entrepreneurs one day.”
Lecture No 12

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan


Daffodil Family

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Lecture No 12

Mahbubur Rahman

President, ICCB


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Lecture No 12

Hossain Mahmud

Manager, Anwar Group of Industries


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Lecture No 12

Alhaj Anwar Hossain


Anwar Group of Industries

“ Students should learn and engage on research more, which will help them to gather more knowledge, innovation and those traits can lead themselves towards success. Daffodil International University is really doing an amazing session like Industry-Academia lecture series which will create interest among the students and fulfill the gap as well.”