Head of the Department

Md. Kamruzzaman
Assistant Professor and Head
Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Being An Entrepreneur Is Not A Full-Time Job, It’s A Lifestyle!

As Entrepreneurs, You Need To Continue To Ask Yourselves What’s Next. Nobody Knows Everything; So You Just Start Your New Venture And Avail Yourself Of New Opportunities. Becoming An Entrepreneur Is One Of The Best Decisions You Will Ever Make, As You’ll Enjoy A Better Future, And You Will Be Capable Of Changing Your Fortune. As An Entrepreneur, You Might Face Plenty Of Challenges In Your Life. You’ll Have To Deal With Everything By Yourself. In The First Stage, You Will Have To Do Anything And Everything, No Matter What Comes Up, But It’s Important To Balance Work And Play So That You Can Cope Better With Frustration. And Things Will Gradually Get Easier For You. All New Entrepreneurs Should Make Sure That Their Work Is Their Passion. Without That Commitment, It Will Be Really Hard To Continue With The Struggle. There Is No Doubt That A Degree Can Help An Entrepreneur Develop The Necessary Skills For Success. Take The Challenge And Prove That Being An Entrepreneur Rocks.