The purpose of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Practices” publication is to support the idea of entrepreneurship development by providing a forum for sharing ideas and challenges on the way to developing this industry. The more connected people are, the more opportunity and access they will have to continuous learning, helping them develop the skills needed to be more productive, happier and better off in the arena of entrepreneurship. Being connected is good for people, and hopefully will turn out to be good for the economy. The world community, now see the Fourth Industrial Revolution as an opportunity to change models of innovation-driven entrepreneurship for the better and create an environment that makes entrepreneurship more inclusive.

Every year, two issues (January-June, July-December) will be published.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Practices (Volume 1 : Issue 1)

The submission of articles for Volume 2, Issue-1, is open. Anyone can submit his/her article here:

Last date of submission: 31 May 2019