DIU and NASCIB Jointly Organized a Seminar on ​”Diversified Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh”

Daffodil International University (DIU) and National Association of Small & Cottage Industries of Bangladesh (NASCIB) have jointly organized a seminar on 13 November 2018 on “Diversified Investment Opportunities in Bangladesh”.

The seminar was held at NASCIB Conference Room under the Chairmanship of NASCIB President. Mr. Mirza Nurul Ghani Shovon, Mr. Md. Enamul Hoque, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Industries was the Chief Guest in the program while Mr. Abu Taher Khan, Director, Career Development Center (CDC) was the Special Guest. The Keynote paper was presented by Mr. A.Z.M Azizur Rahman, Ex-Member, BEPZA, Mrs. Beauty Akter, Lecturer, Department of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, DIU made the introductory remark on the occasion.

The Faculty Member & Officials of Daffodil International University and members of NASCIB central committee, district committees have attended the seminar.

Mr. Azizur Rahman made comment in this presentation that there is ample opportunities local and foreign investment in the country with under a very bright atmosphere and economic viability. He informed the EPZs are not only occupied by foreign investors, but local investors are also doing well there. Out of 588 industries located in EPZs, 154 are with domestic investment. He stressed on the optimum utilization of newly established Special Economic Zones (SEZ) which have not yet found efficient.

Mr. Enamul Hoque said that government is highly committed to providing all sorts of facilities, incentives, and regulatory support to the running and new investors. He admires Daffodil International University to come forward with such an initiative in occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018. He extended his commitment that Ministry of Industries will be with the entrepreneur as well as academic institutions like DIU to work together in the near future.

Mr. Abu Taher Khan highlighted the entrepreneurial activities of DIU by providing an elaborate description of the activities under Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018.

Mr. Mirza Nurul Ghani Shovon put his commitment to move ahead with the demand and requirements of SME entrepreneurs of the country. He extended thanks to Daffodil International University for arranging this seminar jointly with NASCIB. He also extends his thanks to Ministry of Industries (MOI) with the feeling that as a key policy organization. MOI will keep the SME entrepreneur at their priority consideration.

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