Entrepreneurship Department of Daffodil International University will develop 500 new Entrepreneurs in the country

Entrepreneurship Department of Daffodil International University is going to develop 500 new Entrepreneurs (30% of women entrepreneurs) in the country within next 5 years under the project titled “Are You the Next Startup?”. This was informed at a “Meet the Press” held at National Press Club (VIP Lounge) in the capital today on December 18, 2016. Under this project best quality Young stars will find out from all over the country and will be provided 100% scholarship, as well as all sorts of logistic supports and cooperation, will be extended towards them until and unless becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The meet the press was addressed by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Honorable Chairman, Board of Trustees, Professor Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor of Daffodil International University, Conducted by Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director (Student Affairs) of the university , the meet the press was attended by Professor Rafiqul Islam, Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics, Professor Farid A Subhani of Faculty of Business and Economics, Mr. Masum Iqbal, Head, Department of Business Administration, Mr. Syed Maruf Reza, Head, Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University.

“Are You the Next Startup?” is a national talent hunt initiative organized by Department of Entrepreneurship of Daffodil International University, introduced to find out potential startups and entrepreneurs of Bangladesh. It will hunt, groom, design, organize, and manage new enterprises or business ideas to till the ultimate success of each winner.

The unique feature of “Are You the Next Startup?” is 4-years graduation program for the winners. After intensive research we found seed startups are not growing only because of lack of knowledge and guidance. Here in this unique platform amateur entrepreneurs will be trained and graduated under the Department of Entrepreneurship at Daffodil International University for learning by doing. Potential and promising winning entrepreneurs will be awarded up to 100% scholarship for this 4-years graduation for practical and theoretical learning which will transform them into successful entrepreneurs within four years of their graduation. In addition, each and every student under this project will earn seed money to start new business during graduation that will confirm their involvement in the business sector. This project is to create entrepreneurs in the real sense and job opportunities for the huge unemployed educated population in the country that will contribute directly to increase GDP.

Motto of the Event:
To foster the national economy of our country by creating new entrepreneurs to accommodate unemployed educated young people.

Objectives of the Event:
1. To create new entrepreneurs for 21st century
2. To help the entrepreneurs to start their startups/ business
3. To develop the basic understanding on Entrepreneurship among the new entrepreneurs
4. To add values in the entrepreneurial skills of the participants
5. To build competencies and creativity of the participants
6. To contribute in the national economy through the new entrepreneurs
7. To assemble the family members of pioneer business icons in this project
8. To give the chance to the prospective stakeholders to contribute in building entrepreneurs
9. Finally to help the entrepreneurs completing their graduation from Daffodil International University

Special Features of the Event:
We provide our youngsters with 100% scholarships (about 8 lacs for self-financed students) of the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship program of the Department of Entrepreneurship, Daffodil International University. The scholarships will be named after the veteran entrepreneurs of our country.
The top 40% winners will get 100% scholarships = 8 participants
The next 30% winners will get 75% scholarships = 6 participants
The last 30% winners will get 50% scholarships = 6 participants
The winners will get theoretical and practical knowledge as well as experience which will transform them into successful entrepreneurs within four years of their graduation.
**30% quota will be given to the women entrepreneurs, physically challenged people, and people with special abilities.

For details and Registration, please go through the link below:

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