Daily Entrepreneurship- International (5 April 2019)

5 Skills Needed by Every Entrepreneur to Become a Visionary Leader

Of late, entrepreneurship has become a rather popular option for the masses. Due to which we have a fairly good idea of what it takes to become an entrepreneur. Self-belief and persistence definitely helps you in becoming an entrepreneur. However, in today’s competitive day and age, being just an entrepreneur is not enough- it takes a visionary leader to survive. As the saying goes- when the going gets tough, only the tough get going. Here are 5 skills that every entrepreneur needs, to become a visionary leader.

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Amazon Go faces unlikely challenge from a tiny startup

Grocers, alarmed at Amazon.com Inc.’s rapid growth in Europe, are considering fighting back with the help of a tiny Portuguese startup. Sensei, a 16-month-old technology company based in Lisbon that’s backed by Germany’s Metro AG and Portugal’s Sonae SGPS SA, is pitching its technology to European supermarkets as they race the e-commerce giant to open the region’s first checkoutless stores.

Sensei says three major European grocers, including a U.K. supermarket operator, have tapped its  ..

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From agri to IOT, startups in India’s North East make a big impression

At the start of 2019, Imphal Angels invited me to be a mentor for the very first ‘North East Startup Summit’. To be honest, I was reluctant to block three days of my schedule for something that promised very little value bang in the middle my own fundraise and we all understand how hectic that is. Rajkumar Devkanta Singh, a key member of Imphal Angels, is a friend and I had no choice, but to accept the invitation.

The flip side of startups becoming a fad is the deluge of pointless even ..

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UGA producing products, wants more startups

The University of Georgia topped its so-called “comparator peers” in the number of new products, about 48 per year, based on UGA research that reached the marketplace in recent years.

UGA actually was No. 1 in the nation among all universities in 2017 with 52 products, according to Derek Eberhart, UGA associate vice president for research and executive director of the university’s Innovation Gateway.

Innovation Gateway is the office responsible for commercializing UGA research discoveries. Comparator peers are universities designated by the University System of Georgia as similar enough to UGA to provide valid comparisons.

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Seven questions that private equity investors ask when making investments

A series of large and bad personal investments can wipe out most of us. Think crypto currencies, structured products, peer-to-peer lending, and most angel investment opportunities. So, how can we avoid poor investment opportunities? There are several similarities between personal investing and private equity (PE) funds, which invest in unlisted mid-sized companies. PE investing techniques can provide some useful lessons.

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Initiative seeks more women investors for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs in New Hampshire and elsewhere are in need of a financial boost from angel investors. And they are more likely to get that boost from angel investors who are also women.

But, according to financial experts, women who control wealth are more likely to put it toward philanthropy, not investing.

To help create more women investors, a three-state collaboration of motivated women is offering help and encouragement to potential angels.

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3 Investing Terms for Today’s Markets

THE WORLD OF INVESTING can seem so full of insider language you may wish you had an interpreter. Meet Nick Giorgi, an investment strategist at Bank of America Global Wealth & Investment Management.

We turned to Giorgi to explain three key terms useful to know in today’s markets. Then we paired each with a report in our CIO Educational Series. Read on—and don’t hesitate to reach out to an advisor if you have more questions or want to discuss your investment strategies.[More Info…]