Daily Entrepreneurship- International (28 March 2019)

25 Best MBA Programs in the World for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

They recently released rankings of MBA programs that are good for specific career specializations, focusing on programs with strong career outcomes in particular industries or activities.

For their ranking of the best MBA programs for careers in entrepreneurship, they combined their overall ranking of the best MBA programs in the world with further data on how many graduates went on to start their own businesses, the programs’ reputations among employers for developing entrepreneurial skills, and faculty members’ research output in fields related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Here are the 25 best MBA programs for careers in entrepreneurship, according to QS, along with the share of recent graduates who started their own businesses and the programs’ scores from 0 to 100 in the three entrepreneurship-specific categories listed above:

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The Most Important Book On Entrepreneurship You Probably Haven’t Read

For 20 years Paul D. Reynolds worked as a sociology professor. Then he made the momentous career decision to focus on entrepreneurship. For the ensuing 23 years, he was affiliated with five business schools and served as the coordinating principal investigator of Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) research program, the most detailed study of entrepreneurship ever undertaken. Now, in Business Creation: Ten Factors for Entrepreneurial Success, he summarizes and interprets the mountain of work he has done on a subject that is still only poorly understood.

Based on nationally representative samples of nascent entrepreneurs who were followed for six years after they started their businesses, the PSED provides a thoroughly documented picture of how start-ups actually unfold and brings unparalleled scientific rigor to the subject.

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How Apple Card works

One of the most buzzy announcements on Apple’s stage this week was Apple Card, its in-house credit card powered by Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. Consumers, tech press, financial press and Wall Street were all intrigued for various reasons.

But there are still a ton of questions around the way it works mechanically, the terms involved for consumers and its overall benefits. Though I’m not a financial reporter, I did used to cover payments and I’m a huge pointshound. Some of the benefits (and caveats) of Apple Card are worth examining a bit more.

In some ways, Apple getting into the credit card game was one of the tech world’s biggest finally’s. Once Apple launched Passbook, it became extremely clear that it was headed towards this end game, with stops along the way for loyalty cards, coupons, external credit cards and ticketing.

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10 Characteristics Which Make A Truly Great Venture Capital Investor

As a VC for the past 10+ years, I have had the pleasure of meeting thousands of investors at many stages of their journeys, from analysts to first time fund managers to VCs with 30+ years of investment experience. As such, I am often asked what are the key factors in becoming a top VC.

Research suggests that entrepreneurial experience separates top VCs from other investors. However, one needs to only look at the amazing careers of industry leaders without an entrepreneurial background like Michael Moritz, Fred Wilson, or John Doerr to debunk that theory. In fact, a recent TechCrunch study found that on average, only 27 percent of the partners at a randomly chosen sample of VC firms in the US had experience working as founders or senior executives at entrepreneurial companies.

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Venture capital biotech funding increases 35% year on year

Venture capital funding for UK biotechnology has increased by 35 per cent year on year to £182 million in the first quarter of 2019.This compares with £135 million in Q1 2018.VCs are now channelling £2 million into the sector, up from £1.5 million last year.Venture capital is now contributing two thirds of funding flowing into UK biotechnology, up from 34 per cent a year ago, according to the UK Bioindustry Association (BiA).The UK biotech sector now receives 24p of every pound of VC biotech investment across Europe between December 2018 and February 2019.Jeremy Curnock Cook, managing director of healthcare investment firm BioScience Managers, said: “The rising proportion of VC funding points to the impact that technological innovation is having on the sector. This is giving rise to a growing cohort of new companies applying new technologies to develop novel solutions in areas such as drug discovery and development, diagnostics, digital health and genomics.[More Info…]