Daily Entrepreneurship- International (10 April 2019)

Budapest’s startup ecosystem at a glance

When you want to make an amazing presentation, you turn to Prezi. When you want to place a live streaming content online, you used Ustream. Both startups began their journey in Budapest a decade ago, a Central European city with rich history and delicious pastries. Nowadays, Budapest is a thriving startup city, with a strategic location on the river Danube, a wide range of educational institutes, a large pool of highly skilled developers and an upward trend in investments.

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Three stories every startup needs to tell

Everyone needs to know how to use the power of persuasion. The ability to bring investors, customers, or new hires over to your side is vital for success. For a startup, this is even more important.

I’ve had a lot of experience watching and judging pitch competitions. One thing I’ve seen that separates the good from the truly great isn’t always a better business model or more compelling product. It’s the stories the founders tell.

Storytelling is a powerful tool. It builds memory, empathy, and trust between the storyteller and the listener. It’s something that persuades far more effectively than any other form of communication, because we humans are storytelling creatures by nature. The biggest and most successful brands know this. Every business person needs this skill. But specifically for startup founders, stories can be used to convince those who can help grow and scale your venture to jump on board.

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How This ‘Dragons’ Den’ Star Wants to Help Fund Your E-Commerce Startup

Raising capital usually is a months-long process. Toronto-based alternative lender Clearbanc promises to make you an offer in 20 minutes.

On March 3, Clearbanc introduced its “20-min Term Sheet,” which offers e-commerce startups based in North America anywhere from $10,000 to $10 million in minutes without signing over any equity. Clearbanc instead takes a portion of startups’ top-line revenue.

While the model isn’t entirely new, co-founder and president Michele Romanow says entrepreneurs have long needed more options between taking venture capital and taking debt. Romanow, who’s also an an investor on Canada’s version of Shark Tank, Dragons’  Den, says Clearbanc gives founders a shot at growing while still retaining ownership of their companies.

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Madrid-based car sharing platform eccocar raises €495k

Mobility has become one of the main challenges of the 21st century. Having a personal vehicle is more expensive than ever, however most vehicles aren’t in use during 95% of their lifetime.

The Madrid-based carsharing platform eccocar offers fleet management services to car rental agencies, corporates, car dealers, public administrations, and communities. Unlike other existing platforms that are available in the market, eccocar allows the sharing of vehicles, thereby optimizing fleet size and reducing the number of vehicles used (and CO2 emissions).

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Israel Venture Capital Report

Take a look for an update on investment statistics, major funding rounds and notable exits in the startup nation.

With a brief overview of all the key activity in Israel in recent times, there’s all you need to be brought up to speed within a few minutes

Download the Report!

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Initiative seeks more women investors for women entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs in New Hampshire and elsewhere are in need of a financial boost from angel investors. And they are more likely to get that boost from angel investors who are also women.

But, according to financial experts, women who control wealth are more likely to put it toward philanthropy, not investing.

To help create more women investors, a three-state collaboration of motivated women is offering help and encouragement to potential angels.

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Venture Capital In Q1 2019: The World Pulls Back From Record Highs

There’s one where VCs listen to founders hawk their shares and make deals to gain purchase in growing companies, all for a cut of the eventual upside.

And then there’s the table where venture capitalists negotiate subscription agreements with limited partners—the institutional money managers and (ultra) high-net-worth folks who, more often than not, are simply seeking (if not always achieving) asymmetric returns on capital via alternative asset classes, like equity stakes in high-growth private companies.

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Klook Raises $225M From Softbank, Doubles Down On Global Expansion

Travel activity booking platform Klook has picked up $225 million in additional funding. The Softbank Vision Fund led the Series D+ round, which also included participation from Sequoia Capital China, Matrix Partners, TCV, and OurCrowd.

The Hong Kong-based company raised a $200 million Series D back in August 2018 led by Boyu Capital and Sequoia Capital China. Klook was reportedly valued at $1 billion, post-money, at that time. Building from its reported $1 billion post-money valuation, if the firm raised the new capital at a flat share price, it’s worth about $1.23 billion today. The real figure could be lower or higher, depending on the terms of the deal. (The company did not respond to questions regarding its new valuation by the time of publication.)

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