Day: April 10, 2019

Daily Entrepreneurship- International (10 April 2019)

Budapest’s startup ecosystem at a glance When you want to make an amazing presentation, you turn to Prezi. When you want to place a live streaming content online, you used Ustream. Both startups began their journey in Budapest a decade ago, a Central European city with rich history and delicious pastries. Nowadays, Budapest is a thriving startup city, with a strategic location on the river Danube, a wide range of educational institutes, a large pool of highly skilled developers and an upward trend in investments. [More Info…] Three stories every startup needs to tell Everyone needs to know how to […]

Daily Entrepreneurship- Bangladesh (10 April 2019)

Pahela Baishakh: online shops log brisk sales Online shops are now even selling hilsa fish ahead of the Pahela Baishakh, an annual festival that is typically celebrated with a meal centred on the delicacy. One such e-shop is, which has sold about 2,000 pieces of hilsa fish of more than one kilogram each so far, according to its brand manager Nirjhar Kundu. Not just hilsa fish, the sister concern of Pran-RFL Group is also selling products that are related to the festivities surrounding the first day of the Bengali calendar such as sweetmeat, sarees, lungis and so on. [More […]