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DIU Chairman Begins New Trend in Entrepreneurship as A Course Teacher

Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman,Board of Trustees,DIU introduced himself as the Course Teacher  and conducting the course titled “Entrepreneurship in Action” To equip students of Department of Entrepreneurship with true motivation, guidelines and career solution and to share the secrets of real life learning and experience, Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, DIU introduced himself as…
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Entrepreneurship: Past, Present and Beyond

Two hundred years ago, men even could not imagine to study in medical science and set their career as a Medical Practitioner. Hundred years ago, higher study in Engineering was innovative. Fifty year ago no one could think of studying in Hotel & Tourism, or even in MBA, fo​rty years ago,​ no o​ne could think of having…
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Why should one study Entrepreneurship?

Every year 46 million new workers join in the world’s labor force and many of them are from developing countries. The global youth unemployment rate is 12.6% in 2013 and the rate may increase to 12.8% by 2018. As long as the rate of unemployment is increasing, it will increase regional disparities; and improvements in…
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Career opportunities

You studied entrepreneurship. Congratulations! But sometimes you don’t want to start your own company after all, or at least not quite yet. All that studying and training you spent on learning about entrepreneurship is not wasted. You may just be surprised at how many options you really have out there. There are so many other…
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