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Today we are living in an exciting new world where we are experiencing huge changes in the social, economic, political and technological environment. Plenty of opportunities await those who are prepared to take on challenges. To reap the highest benefit of transforming circumstances and prospects, we need to understand trends and opportunities and take on leadership as entrepreneurs, corporate executives or professionals. To perform as leaders, we need to develop ideas and adopt innovative ways to implement them.

During the past 40 years, we have witnessed the most powerful emergence of entrepreneurial activity in the world. Entrepreneurs are now described as aggressive catalysts for changing the world of business. And, the world has now turned to free enterprise as a model for economic development where the contribution of entrepreneurship to the world economy is well recognized. Global development is entering a phase where entrepreneurship is playing an increasingly vital role. It is contributing to increasing growth and self-employment opportunities for emerging and less developed countries. As a nation with dedication, dynamic skills and risk taking ability, Bangladesh has huge potential to develop our young entrepreneurs to drive the economy of the country.



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Our objective

  • To provide opportunities to talented young students who have ideas and an interest in becoming entrepreneurs.
  • To help the talented younger generation to explore their ideas while learning at the institution.
  • To help the younger generation to meet entrepreneurs so that they can connect with industry leaders and explore their talents.
  • To create a platform for entrepreneurs to form a strong network to tackle obstacles, understand risk factors and reach their goals.
  • To share inspiring stories, journeys, and to network with important people in similar markets at home and abroad.
  • To create a platform to explore their business ideas.
  • To create opportunities for finding ways to resolve the unemployment crisis by promoting implementation of entrepreneurs’ projects
  • To make employment opportunities through creating more entrepreneurs

Why DE

Every year, 46 million new workers join the world’s labor force and many of them are from developing countries. The global youth unemployment rate is 12.8% in 2018. As long as the rate of unemployment is increasing, it will increase regional disparities; and improvements in the world economic order will be offset by youth unemployment.

Reduction of employment disproportionately affects young and disadvantaged people. As such, if we can develop new entrepreneurs, then it can play a crucial role in creating self-employment opportunities as well as jobs for others. It will add value and create a competitive advantage to ensure long-term sustainability from the point of view of individuals as well as the social perspective of the country.

Bangladesh intends to become a Middle Income country by 2021. To achieve this target, Bangladesh has to create employment opportunities. Ensuring more employment generation is feasible mainly through developing entrepreneurship. To expedite the process, through offering the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Program under the Faculty of Business and Economic, Daffodil International University (DIU) has come forward with a great initiative to support our young potential to become entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs who cater to the needs of society will not depend on others for jobs.

Students venture


TechKnow Heaven Limited is a group of companies working in unison to provide quality services. The company works both nationally and internationally and has handled around 200+ projects

TechKnow Heaven Limited

Junipreneur is a platform through which we will take care of every student through personal training, tracking their strength and weaknesses and provide them with an environment that helps them grow up the right way.


‘Green Shade’-a first ever business initiative of students of Entrepreneurship Department of Daffodil International University launches

Green Shade

“Twisted Café” Is a Fast Food corner where fast food lovers will get many types of delicious live kitchen fast food items.


Where Quality Talks
It's about passion, It's about Quality, It's about Human Right


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