Why DE

Every year, 46 million  new workers join the world’s labor force and many of them are from developing  countries. The global youth unemployment rate is 12.8% in 2018. As long as the  rate of unemployment is increasing, it will increase regional disparities; and  improvements in the world economic order will be offset by youth unemployment.

Reduction of employment disproportionately affects  young and disadvantaged people. As such, if we can develop new entrepreneurs,  then it can play a crucial role in creating self-employment opportunities as  well as jobs for others. It will add value and create a competitive advantage  to ensure long-term sustainability from the point of view of individuals as  well as the social perspective of the country.
Bangladesh intends to become a Middle Income country by 2021. To achieve this  target, Bangladesh has to create employment opportunities. Ensuring more  employment generation is feasible mainly through developing entrepreneurship.  To expedite the process, through offering the Bachelor of Entrepreneurship  Program under the Faculty of Business and Economic, Daffodil International  University (DIU) has come forward with a great initiative to support our young  potential to become entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs who cater to the needs  of society will not depend on others for jobs.