About DE

Today we are living in an exciting new world where we are experiencing huge changes in the social, economic, political and technological environment. Plenty of opportunities await those who are prepared to take on challenges. To reap the highest benefit of transforming circumstances and prospects, we need to understand trends and opportunities and take on leadership as entrepreneurs, corporate executives or professionals. To perform as leaders, we need to develop ideas and adopt innovative ways to implement them.

During the past 40 years, we have witnessed the most powerful emergence of entrepreneurial activity in the world. Entrepreneurs are now described as aggressive catalysts for changing the world of business. And, the world has now turned to free enterprise as a model for economic development where the contribution of entrepreneurship to the world economy is well recognized. Global development is entering a phase where entrepreneurship is playing an increasingly vital role. It is contributing to increasing growth and self-employment opportunities for emerging and less developed countries. As a nation with dedication, dynamic skills and risk taking ability, Bangladesh has huge potential to develop our young entrepreneurs to drive the economy of the country.